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About The Jacobson Group

Our Insurance Talent Solutions

Jacobson's marketplace longevity creates an extensive industry network, a unique insider perspective and a reputation for excellence. Regardless of the need or situation, Jacobson is the insurance talent solution and is dedicated to serving clients' needs through a variety of customizable insurance talent services:

Executive Search

Executive search and selection consulting for insurance leadership positions in all disciplines

Temporary Staffing

Temporary support for virtually any staffing need across all functional areas and for all levels

Professional Recruiting

Professional recruiting services for a wide range of insurance positions on a direct-hire basis

Subject Matter Experts

Insurance-specific subject matter experts for interim, project-based and consulting-level needs

Our Mission

Drive our clients’ business initiatives forward through innovative thinking, strategic human capital solutions and operational support.


Be the insurance industry’s premier partner in talent and professional solutions by cultivating deep and lasting relationships rooted in trust, expertise and innovation. We nurture a dynamic network, one that attracts and empowers the best talent, setting the stage for our collective success. Our dedication to fostering a culture of excellence ensures individuals collaborate, thrive and grow together.


Jacobson’s values were chosen based upon their impact on achieving our clients’ goals, while building a culture and environment that develops and retains excellence.

  • Integrity: We are committed to integrity in all that we do, always, everywhere.
  • Commitment: We value the commitment of our employees to the firm, their individual roles and to our clients’ projects.
  • Teamwork: We learn from each other and share our skills and resources across organizational boundaries for both our clients` benefit and our own.
  • Respect: We draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity, at the same time supporting personal growth and development.
  • Professionalism: We are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that our relationships with our clients will be long-lasting and close.
  • Initiative: When our employees take the initiative to be the best at their positions, see tasks through to completion and proactively try to make a difference, we all benefit from their actions.
  • Courage: We value the courage to face adversity, persevere and make tough decisions.


Our History


Jacobson's Inception

Founded in 1971 by David Jacobson, The Jacobson Group quickly became the most highly-regarded insurance recruiting firm in the U.S. Originally known as Jacobson Associates, we began solely as a professional recruiting service to the insurance industry. With resolute commitment to delivering qualified industry professionals, exceptional service and unparalleled expertise, we earned intense loyalty from clients and word of our success as insurance recruiters pervaded the industry.

During the 1980s, Jacobson built a solid foundation in our core business as recruiters. Now a well-trusted provider of insurance professionals, clients appealed to us to deliver a greater range of insurance talent solutions for their human capital challenges. We responded.

Introduction of Interim Staffing Solutions

In 1993, Jacobson officially established Insurance Staffers. This interim staffing division was formed in response to the overwhelming demand for flexible talent resources, including temporary and temporary-to-hire insurance industry professionals. Confronted with a tight and increasingly costly labor market and frustrated by the inability of clerical firms to provide qualified candidates, clients turned en masse to Insurance Staffers for high caliber insurance professionals. We experienced exponential growth and expanded our service offerings to include senior-level actuarial and other executive interim services, as well as a travel-based “SWAT” team solution.

Constantly seeking to deliver comprehensive services with bottom line results, in 2003, Insurance Staffers underwent a dramatic transformation into a new entity – Jacobson Solutions. From the start, Jacobson Solutions upheld our commitment to quality, responsiveness, effectiveness and integrity. Today, Jacobson continues to offer flexible talent solutions that meet the workload management and business-critical needs of our clients.Whether the need is for one person or a team of people, we can support virtually any temporary need across all insurance functional areas and at all levels for insurance organizations nationwide.

Refinement of Executive Search Services

While our flexible talent service offering underwent changes, we were also refining our ability to provide executive search. In 2000, Jacobson's executive search and selection practice was created to provide a more consultative approach to the acquisition of senior-level insurance talent for C-Level insurance and Board Member positions. Long-tenured Jacobson leaders were asked to pilot our highly talented and specialized team of experts focused exclusively on insurance executive search and selection.

International Expansion

As the insurance industry became more global in nature, Jacobson recognized the industry’s desire for continuity in executive search cross-border. In 2008, we partnered with Schonhofer Executive Search, the premier London-based insurance executive search firm specializing in assignments in the London, broader European and international markets. This affiliation expanded our insurance network to the global marketplace and allowed us to better serve the industry’s international executive search needs.

Today, Jacobson is regarded as the leading provider of insurance talent. Regardless of the need or situation, Jacobson is the insurance talent solution.