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Episode 11: Exploring the Current State of the Insurance Labor Market: Q3 2023

Jeff Rieder, partner at Aon and head of Ward Benchmarking, joins host Greg Jacobson, co-CEO of The Jacobson Group, to discuss the results of the Q3 2023 Insurance Labor Market Study. The duo share insights on AI, wages, hybrid work and more to help insurers remain at the forefront of a dynamic labor market.


Episode 10: Discussing Key Talent Trends: Insights for a Successful 2023

What impact will a potential recession have on talent strategies? Will companies start asking individuals to come into the office five-days a week? How can you create a sense of belonging in a remote environment? Host and co-CEO of The Jacobson Group, Greg Jacobson, is joined by Jacobson colleagues to discuss what is on the talent horizon this year.

Episode 9: Succession Planning: Future-Focused Strategies

Job openings have reached record levels and voluntary quits remain high within the insurance industry. However, 38% of insurers do not have any succession plans in place, according to a recent study conducted by The Jacobson Group. In this episode of The Insurance Talent Podcast, Jacobson's senior vice president of executive search and corporate strategy, Judy Busby, and managing director, Mike Abate, share the study’s highlights and discuss the industry’s succession planning readiness, as well as how organizations can take a comprehensive and future-focused approach to their plans.

Episode 8: Exploring the Current State of the Insurance Labor Market - Q3 2022

As we enter the second half of 2022, insurers remain optimistic about employment growth, according to the results of The Jacobson Group and Aon-Ward’s Q3 2022 Insurance Labor Market Study. Jeff Rieder, partner at Aon and head of Ward Benchmarking, and Greg Jacobson, co-CEO of The Jacobson Group, discuss the study’s key findings and provide insight on areas insurers should consider to stay ahead in the challenging labor market.

Episode 7: Preparing for Board Service: Expert Insights

Serving on a corporate board can be a rewarding and valuable experience in many ways. The Jacobson Group’s co-CEO Greg Jacobson recently sat down with two industry leaders to discuss the qualities of successful directors and how insurance executives can most effectively prepare for a board seat. Donna Zarcone, who currently sits on the boards of Cigna, CDW, The Duchossois Group and Quinnox; and Dave Michelson, who sits on the board of FedNat and is president of DWM Consulting and advisor at a number of technology companies, share their vast experiences and advice for those pursuing board service.

Episode 6: Exploring the Current State of the Insurance Labor Market: Q1 2022

The results of The Jacobson Group and Aon plc’s Q1 2022 Insurance Labor Market Study indicate record-setting staffing expectations and recruiting difficulty. Jeff Rieder, head of Aon’s Ward Benchmarking, and Greg Jacobson, co-CEO of The Jacobson Group, discuss the study’s key findings and provide insight on what insurers can expect from a talent standpoint in 2022.

Episode 5: Attracting and Retaining Young Talent - Insurance Careers Month

It’s Insurance Careers Month, the hallmark event of the Insurance Careers Movement, a grassroots effort with a goal of inspiring young people to choose a career in insurance. In celebration of this event, host Greg Jacobson sat down with Marguerite Tortorello, managing director of the Insurance Careers Movement; John Glomb, president and CEO of Philadelphia Insurance; and Al Crook, head of HR business partners and apprenticeship at Zurich, to discuss how they are engaging young talent in unique and innovative ways. These industry leaders explain how they are expanding the industry’s visibility among young professionals and successfully recruiting the next generation of insurance talent. Learn more at

Episode 4: Sharing Key Talent Trends for 2022 - Insights from Jacobson Leaders

Host Greg Jacobson is joined by Jacobson colleagues to discuss the trends impacting insurers as they fine tune their talent strategies for 2022. From adapting management styles for long-term hybrid workforces to adjusting hiring processes to meet changing candidate expectations, there are several areas of consideration to remain competitive in today’s tight labor market. Download the full 2022 Insurance Talent Trends Guide at this link:

Episode 3: Prioritizing DEI: How Two Organizations Are Achieving Lasting Change

Diversity, equity and inclusion have been heavily discussed among insurers over the past several years. However, to make a lasting impact, leaders must treat DEI as a business priority and commit to cultivating an inclusive culture within all levels of the organization. In this episode, Brett Carter, managing director of The Jacobson Group, joins host Greg Jacobson to talk with two insurance leaders who have made significant strides within DEI, building it into their company’s culture and values. Ivy Kusinga, chief culture officer at Chubb, and Margaret Meister, president and CEO of Symetra, sit down with us to share how they’re achieving lasting change within their organizations.

Episode 2: Leading in the Virtual Environment: Discussions with Insurance Leaders

Fully remote and hybrid environments are here to stay and insurance leaders are continuing to evolve their styles and strategies to accommodate shifting needs. In this episode, host Greg Jacobson sits down with Stan Galanski, founder of G58 Capital, board chair of Prosight Specialty and board member of Aviva’s Canadian business; Maroun Mourad, president of global underwriting at Verisk; and Gerardo Monroy, senior vice president of Aflac U.S. Innovation Strategy and Execution. These three industry executives share their insights and experiences, as well as how leaders can most effectively move forward in the new working environment.

Episode 1: Exploring the Current State of the Insurance Labor Market

While BLS data may show a rising insurance unemployment rate, the results of the Q3 2021 Insurance Labor Outlook Study tell a different story. In this episode, Jeff Rieder, partner at Aon and head of Ward, joins host Greg Jacobson to discuss the current state of the insurance labor market and the recent labor study's results. Tune in for insight on what insurance leaders can expect in the next 12 months, as well as how to attract top talent in this candidate's market.

Trailer: Welcome to The Insurance Talent Podcast

Greg Jacobson and Rick Jacobson, co-CEOs of The Jacobson Group, celebrate 50 years of providing talent to the insurance industry. As part of our 50-year celebration, we're excited to launch The Insurance Talent Podcast, which will discuss the talent topics necessary for insurance leaders to thrive in an evolving environment. In this episode, take a trip down memory lane to hear how the company and the insurance industry have changed in the past half-century.