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Insurance Recruitment for Projects

The Jacobson Group provides rapid-response project teams of highly skilled insurance professionals to organizations nationwide as an immediate response to critical and often unforeseen workload fluctuations. Our approach, combined with our delivery method, helps our health plan clients achieve results quickly and effectively.

Leveraging 50 years of insurance expertise and an extensive network of tenured insurance professionals, we have developed the premier insurance project recruiting solution.


On-Demand Insurance Project Teams

We deliver technical experts to client locations and/or establish them in a work-at-home environment as a solution to peak periods, increased workloads and special projects. Our adaptable solution allows clients to tackle workload fluctuations without compromising mission-critical processes.

This on-demand insurance expertise can be quickly implemented by leveraging our extensive network of health insurance professionals.


Jacobson's Network

We maintain a database of thousands of qualified health insurance professionals, so we can quickly make an impact on our clients' businesses with our insurance project team recruiting. Averaging more than 15 years of insurance experience, in addition to specific functional, product-line and technology expertise, our professionals have the skill sets necessary to make an immediate impact from the onset of any project.


Areas of Practice

Care Management

Case management professionals, QA professionals, and experienced NCQA and HEDIS registered nurses.

Claims & Administration

Insurance claims processing, adjustment, recovery, training, grievance, appeals and auditing.

Customer Service

Member and provider service representatives skilled in inbound and outbound calls, written correspondence and inquiries.


Membership and provider enrollment experts, case installation professionals, and membership and premium billing representatives.

Government Programs

Insurance professionals with Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and MAC assistance expertise.

General Operations

Insurance consultants skilled in CO-OP, ICD-10, third party administration and systems configuration support.

Projects Solutions Value

Jacobson has focused exclusively on insurance support for nearly 50 years years; and during that time, more than 90 percent of the top 50 insurers have come to rely on Jacobson for their critical project-based insurance recruiting needs. Our references are immense, and the fact that most of our clients wish to extend our teams' project durations speaks for itself.


Experienced Insurance Talent

Our talent pool is comprised of insurance professionals averaging more than 15 years of hands-on technical expertise. We personally interview, test, and conduct background and reference checks on each of our experts. Eighty percent of our employees have worked with Jacobson on multiple projects, and they are evaluated biannually on multiple criteria, including client feedback, client goal attainment, team support and corporate values. Additionally, Jacobson's staff boasts a 97 percent retention rate, the highest in the industry.



By continuing to work with and build relationships with our more than 1,000 professional staff members, Jacobson is able to quickly identify the right personnel to ensure each assignment’s success. Our dedicated and centralized fulfillment team fills most insurance project work assignments within five to 10 business days.



Every project is implemented with our premier “On Target to Success” program. This process enables Jacobson to clearly identify the project’s goals and initiate a communication stream that ensures proactive adjustments throughout the project to best meet our client’s changing needs. Moreover, an account manager is appointed to each assignment to provide our clients with a single point of contact.



Jacobson’s commitment and flexibility are unrivaled industry-wide. We do not require contractual length or head count to work with our team. Additionally, our clients maintain complete control over project duration, number of resources, hours worked, overtime, etc. Clients also have the option of on-site or work-at-home resources to best meet their budgetary requirements.



We take great pride in our compliance processes. We are committed to staying on top of and addressing all new and continually changing local, state and federal laws, regulations, guidance and case laws that impact our service offerings in order to best protect our clients. Additionally, we continuously audit our own processes to ensure regulatory, as well as contractual, compliance.

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