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Insurance Temporary Staffing

Getting the right talent at the right time is necessary to keep business moving forward. As the nation’s leading insurance staffing agency, we provide qualified professionals with the specific product-line and functional expertise necessary for success.

Leveraging our nationally recognized name and network within the insurance industry, we quickly deliver the insurance staff our clients require, whether onsite or remote.BCBS Customer Service Case Study CTA


The Jacobson Group provides insurance talent on a temporary and temporary-to-hire basis to help successfully manage workload fluctuations. Our average start time is less than five days, and our turnover rate is less than three percent – the lowest in the industry. We take our clients’ needs very seriously, and our professionalism and dedication to success set us apart from the rest.

Whether your insurance temporary staffing need stems from backlogs, rapid growth, medical leaves, catastrophic events, attrition or special projects, we can help. In fact, our client satisfaction rating of 97 percent stands testament to the value we provide.



Our marketplace longevity and industry knowledge enable us to understand the requirements and demands of the industry, as well as that of each specific temporary insurance staffing job. This translates into insurance talent with the specific product-line and functional expertise required for success.



As a premier insurance temporary employment agency, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide access to the most qualified personnel available for each assignment. Our process relies on a complete understanding of each project and its requirements. Leveraging this insight and our access to the nation’s largest proprietary database of insurance professionals, we conduct an extensive search of the labor market and thoroughly evaluate each candidate based on the requirements of our client’s open position.



We employ a centralized recruiting process that allows us to distribute job requisitions across a large team of skilled recruiters, ensuring thorough and consistent employee sourcing, screening and testing.



Our selection process is so efficient that our average time to submit an interim employee is less than one business day.



Jacobson can quickly provide remote-ready talent from our network of knowledgeable insurance consultants. We have the experience and capacity to seamlessly facilitate any and all parts of the recruiting, onboarding and setup processes remotely.



We take great pride in our compliance processes. We are committed to staying on top of and addressing all new and continually changing local, state and federal laws, regulations, guidance and case laws that impact our service offerings in order to best protect our clients. Additionally, we continuously audit our own processes to ensure regulatory, as well as contractual, compliance.

Countless organizations have trusted us as their go-to insurance temp agency. Our niche focus and insurance staffing process are designed to produce immediate value for our clients. As a preferred provider, we work with clients to create a plan that best fits their specific companies and needs.

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Our Temporary Staffing Process

Our highly skilled insurance staffing specialists deliver the temporary insurance staffing solutions our clients demand. It is our unique process that produces the consistent high level of value we provide.

Our 50 years of insurance staffing experience have honed the service we deliver. Combining art and science, our process translates into a reliable method of evaluating character and expertise in temporary insurance personnel.

We match our clients with the most qualified insurance interim personnel available for their assignments using an all-encompassing insurance staffing process.



Our process relies on full comprehension of our clients’ needs. Our recruiters first seek to understand the results our clients require. Once they have a complete understanding of the assignment and what is required to achieve success, they work with clients to define the characteristics of the ideal temporary employee for the position. This includes the technical skills, work habits, formal education requirements and any other performance-impacting criteria. This thorough understanding allows us to acquire the best-suited interim personnel for each individual role.



Utilizing their intimate knowledge of the industry and our vast pool of resources, our insurance staffing specialists quickly source the marketplace for prospective temporary employees. Jacobson’s name recognition and reputation allow our team access to the industry’s largest, most-qualified pool of personnel. Prospective insurance professionals are also uncovered through our current and recent employees and their referrals, an extensive proprietary database, and our involvement and leadership in industry and local community organizations.



All temporary employees are evaluated in terms of skill set, demonstrated work experience and past performance to determine if they would be a successful fit for our client’s project. Because every assignment requires its own specific skill set and experience level, employees who have worked for us in the past are also re-evaluated at this time to determine whether or not they are a potential fit for the position. After a credentials review, all qualified personnel are thoroughly interviewed by our experienced interviewing team. We also complete a minimum of two supervisor reference checks and a criminal background check on every potential employee.



Our selection process is what sets us apart from other insurance staffing agencies. We consider it our personal responsibility to choose interim personnel who are best-suited for the role based on a number of qualifying factors, including experience, education, training, skill set and corporate fit potential. Utilizing our industry expertise, the in-depth temporary employee information we gather, and the specific requirements deemed appropriate for the client and position, we select the most qualified employee for each role.



Our team conducts an employee orientation, including hours, dress code, contact names, estimated duration of engagement and other client expectations. We also review the Jacobson Employee Handbook with each employee to ensure our standards of performance and professionalism are reflected at our clients’ locations. Jacobson handles all issues regarding payroll and related taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and other issues falling under the human-resources umbrella. We also provide professional liability insurance on all of our temporary employees.



Our team stays involved throughout the duration of the project. Through constant communication with our client and employees, we work proactively to ensure successful results.




Facets Claims Processors (3)
Health Plan

Enrollment Administrators (3)
Health Plan

AMISYS Claims Adjudicators (2)
Health Plan

Commercial Lines Customer Service Representative
Insurance Broker

Agency Claims Coordinator
Insurance Agency

Property Claims Adjuster
Specialty Insurer




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